What We Do

We consider each of our patients to be a unique individual with specific and sometimes conflicting needs. Our physicians are trained to recognize, treat, and counsel in all of these areas. As health care staff, we strive to treat all of our patients with the utmost respect and diligence.


Making Sure You Stay Healthy

Trust that our physicians will always give you complete, compassionate care. From diagnosis to treatment to prevention, you will receive attentive care that will keep you healthy.

Acute care/sick visits
Chronic disease management
Depression and anxiety
Minor wounds and lacerations
Pre-surgical clearance
Preventative care
Pulmonary function tests
Sprains and strains


Preventative and Yearly Care

Prevent yourself from contracting a potentially serious illness with regular vaccinations. And ensure you stay on top of your yearly check-ups.

Yearly Flu shot/mist clinic
Appropriate screening tests and vaccinations
Blood pressure check
Breast screening (annually after age 40 unless medically necessary prior)
Colonoscopy (starting at age 50)
Pap smear (annually if sexually active or starting at age 21)
Prostate exams

Ensuring Your Children Grow Healthy and Strong

When you bring your children to our office, trust that they will be treated like our own. Since your children have individual needs, our physicians will always provide attentive, personalized care tailored toward keeping them happy and healthy.

Asthma treatments
Newborn care
Preventative care
School physicals
Simple laceration repair
Sports physicals
Wart treatments
Well visits